Some Facts:
PaperTyper is located in Ukraine. domain was launched in May 2020.
All reviews on Trustpilo are written by fake users.

PaperTyper Review: are an essay writing service offering various levels of academic writing including application essays, research papers and all levels of high school, college and university assignments. They can also help with creative writing assignments, powerpoint presentations and even Math, Science and Programming assignments as well.

Pricing and Discounts

PaperTyper is among the most expensive writing services around. As a guideline, a 10 page college level research paper with a 3 day deadline is approximately $250. As with most services, the price depends on the academic level and the deadline applied to the order, which can range between 3 hours and 20 days. The per page rates are as follows :

  • High School – $9 to $34
  • College – $13 to $37
  • Bachelor – $17 to $42
  • Masters – $19 to $44
  • PhD – $21 to $47

There is a loyalty scheme of sorts where customers can earn up to 10% bonus money on orders. Basically, the more orders you place, the less you pay next time around.

There is refund policy in place, but it has some complex stipulations and from online reviews, it seems very difficult to get a refund if you are unsatisfied with the finished paper. Unless the assignment has never been downloaded by the customer, refunds are offered only on a case by case basis and it is highly unlikely that they will find in the customer’s favour!

Quality Product

Like most writing services, Paper Typer claim to use only professional, English native writers. However, going by the testimonials of students who have used them, this is highly debatable. There really isn’t any way to check the qualifications of the writers, so customers just need to trust in this claim. The overall quality of the papers being produced by writers working for this site is very inconsistent. There are reviews from customers who say the papers only earned them F grades and there are others who seem relatively happy with B grade papers. The service does offer unlimited revisions for up to 2 weeks after your order is completed which means that you can have it tweaked to your preference or based on feedback from tutors. This makes us wonder if those with the poor grades used this service or not.

Customer Support

PaperTyper’s customer support is available 24/7 via phone, email or online live chat. According to customer reviews, actually managing to get through to a representative on the phone line can be a little hit and miss, but once you do manage to reach someone they tend to be very helpful. However, glitches in the system are a common complaint and many customers seem not to receive emails with progress reports or drafts in them.

In Conclusion, PaperTyper gets a 3 star rating. The prices are just a little too high and for those rates the quality of writing is just not consistent enough. When you pay more, you do expect more in return. We also have concerns about how difficult it can be to get through to customer support representatives. has lots of areas to work on if they are to improve their rating.

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